You were injured in a car accident in Baton Rouge. The other car ran a red light and t-boned your car in the intersection. You were seriously injured and are seeking compensation for your injuries from the other driver. You are just like any other Louisiana accident victim, except that you are Deaf. While this should not affect your case in any way, you’d like an attorney with whom you can communicate clearly and who understands the Deaf culture. Rusty Bianca is a personal injury attorney with a special connection to the Deaf community. You can trust him to provide you with the assistance you need to see your case through.

Why Representing Deaf Clients Matters to Rusty

Growing up with an older sister who is Deaf, Rusty has been around the Deaf Community his entire life. He understands the challenges the Deaf are confronted with on a daily basis and is committed to providing them with the same aggressive representation hearing clients are able to get from any attorney. Rusty can communicate in ASL and also has a Deaf legal assistant, making Bianca Law Firm one of the very few Deaf-friendly law firms in south Louisiana.

Working With Rusty Could Make a Big Difference in Your Case

When you hire Rusty to represent you against the driver who caused your accident, not only can you count on his experience as a personal injury attorney, but you can be sure he will keep you in the loop throughout the process—communicating with you however you prefer, whether it is in ASL, by videophone, or by email. Rusty is also a staunch Deaf-rights attorney and if the fact that you are Deaf is used against you by the other driver or his insurance company, Rusty will stand up to the bullies and defend your right to compensation.

Why Go Anywhere Else?

Whether being Deaf is an issue in your personal injury claim or not, why go to an attorney who does not understand the challenges you face? Rusty does understand and will make sure your needs are met. He will also provide the same personal, dedicated legal services he gives all of his clients, unlike many of the big TV law firms in the area. Fill out the form on this page to connect with us to schedule your free initial consultation. Rusty will answer all of your questions and get started right away on your case. 

Get Help Now

Located in Baton Rouge, Bianca Law Firm serves those who have been injured and members of the Deaf community all over south Louisiana and Acadiana, from Lake Charles to New Orleans and anywhere in-between. Fill out the form on this page to connect with us, and we will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your case. We are proud to offer personalized representation to Louisianans.